Emily Meyer, Chemical Health Consultant Kimball High School PO Box 368 Kimball, MN 55353 320-398-7700, ext 322
Chemical Health
This position has been funded through a variety of federal and local grants. The goal of this position is to reduce alcohol, tobacco and other drug use through education and consultation services. 

The Chemical Health Consultant provides:

* Support to students, parents, and teachers when issues of substance use arise.
* Act as a referral source for parents seeking treatment options for their children.
* Chemical Health Screenings
* Individual Counseling
* Coordination with area sobriety support groups
* Assistance with chemical use violations such as minor consumption.
* Coordinate services with Probation Officers and/or Social Services.
* Education on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

This is done in a variety of different ways:

Chemical Health Week: Students participate in a state- wide week of activities to increase awareness of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse problems. Working together to find solutions. 
Target Group: This is an MSHSL extra-curricular activity to identify, train and recruit students who are chemical-free.
Kick Butts Day: Our students join with thousands of kids across America in the fight against tobacco.
NOT Group: Not On Tobacco Group is a voluntary program that focuses on helping teens through the process of quitting smoking.
Insight Class: An educational program for students. Students may be referred to this program in a number of different ways. Some are here for violating alcohol/drug policy and the court, probation officers or social workers are requiring their attendance. Some students voluntarily attend; other students are referred by parents or teachers. All in attendance examine how alcohol & other drugs have impacted their lives and consider what actions they might take to stop their chemical use and remain drug-free. 

These services are available at no charge. If you are interested in having your child participate please feel free to contact the Chemical Health Consultant to discuss your concerns further.