Academics are Very Important to Us!

Language Arts
McGraw-Hill Reading WondersReading Wonders by McGraw-Hill is used throughout grades K-5. This research-based program helps students build a strong reading foundation, access complex text, find and use text evidence, engage in collaborative conversations, and write to sources. Handwriting is emphasized at grades 1 and 2 while cursive writing is emphasized in grade 3. A Local Literacy Plan was written in 2012, updated Summer 2016. Click HERE to see it. Our reading curriculum is fully aligned to the Common Core Standards.


Handwriting by Zaner-BloserKimball Elementary uses the curriculum Handwriting by Zaner-Bloser.  Printing is the focus on grades K and 1, while the emphasis moves to cursive in grades 2-4. The amount of handwriting time spent is determined by the classroom teacher.

MathConnectsMath Connects from McGraw Hill provides students with the appropriate development of problem-solving strategies, skills, and applications. Students are provided with ongoing opportunities to apply their math skills and to problem-solve using visual thinking, logical reasoning, number sense and algebra.

FOSS Science KitsElementary BandFoss Science Kits integrate cooperative learning, problem solving, discovery and hands-on learning. Project Lead the Way is embedded into the 5th and 6th grade classrooms to introduce engineering concepts. Click to see our Foss Kits used in each grade.

Making MusicMusic focuses on lifelong learning and used the curriculum from Making Music, a text by Pearson Scott Forsman c2008. Our students participate and learn to appreciate the arts through music education. A winter concert and spring concert are enjoyed by all who attend.

The media center provides technological resources, training, and information to promote and support learning. Computer skills are embedded into the curriculum at all grade levels. Keyboarding lessons for grades 3-6 uses a software program "All The Right Type".

Pledge of Alligence
Social Studies
Students study map skills, geographic regions of the US, Minnesota and American History. Houghton Mifflin Social Studies curriculum for grades 1-5 was purchased in 2013 along with Northern Lights which is published by the MN Historical Society.

Physical Education
Students learn life-long skills such as teamwork, problem solving, sportsmanship, fitness, and recreational activities.

Health standards are met in each grade level K-6. In grades K-3, teachers use a variety of resources to address the standards. In grades 4-6, students enjoy the magazine "Current Health" which provides updated and relevant health information each year. Presentations by Anna Marie's Alliance for grades K-6 are given three times per year and focus on mental health and bullying. Additionally, the school nurse organizes a one-day event titled "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds" for Grades 5-6. Topics addressed include puberty, suicide prevention, drugs, bullying and a scoliosis check.

Locally developed art curriculum is incorporated in classroom activities and aligned to reading, math, science and social studies curriculum whenever possible. Each grade level is introduced to a variety of famous artists and participates in art activities associated with those artists.

Contact: Nancy Bonnifield, Curriculum Director