Annual Notifications


1. Asbestos Notification

2. Pesticide Notification

3. Indoor Air Quality

4. State Mandated Reporting

5. Information for Parents of Children with Disabilities

6. Data Privacy Compliance

7. Special Education Assessments for Home-Schooled or Private-Schooled Students

8. Food Service Information



1. Asbestos Notification
Kimball School District has been inspected for Asbestos under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA). In a required 3-year report completed July 2013 all asbestos-containing materials have been located and documented.

Musser Environmental Consulting Inc. has created a management plan to monitor all current Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) within the Kimball School District for any condition changes or damage of current ACM. A copy of the July 2013 3-year report and all subsequent management reviews and summaries are located in the District Office. Mr. Steve Musser of Musser Environmental Consulting Inc. is the health and safety consultant responsible for the management of the asbestos program. Mr. Musser is scheduled to be in the Kimball District the 1st Tuesday of every month and can be reached at the District Office on those days.

Custodial and maintenance staff has been notified of locations for all ACM within the Kimball School District. Short-term workers (outside contractors) are provided information regarding all locations in which they may come into contact with ACM. They are required to contact the District before commencing any work and given this information.


2. Pesticide Notification
A Minnesota state law went into effect in the year 2000 that requires schools to inform school employees and parents if they apply certain pesticides on school property. Specifically, this law requires schools that apply these pesticides to maintain an estimate schedule of pesticide applications and to make the schedule available to employees and parents for review or copying at the school office. State law also requires that employees and parents are told that the long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemical to which they belong may not be fully understood. The Kimball District pesticide application schedule is available in the District Office.


3. Indoor Air Quality
Kimball School District is committed to the health, comfort, and productive learning environment of all students and staff. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a critical component of providing a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

The District has contracted with Musser Environmental Consulting Inc. to develop and maintain a management plan to insure that all concerns related to IAQ will be examined and resolved with the best possible and feasible result. Mr. Steve Musser of Musser Environmental Consulting Inc. is scheduled to be in the Kimball District the 1st Tuesday of every month to answer IAQ questions and can be reached at the District Office on those days. A copy of Kimball District’s IAQ management plan is located in the District Office for review or questions.


4. State Mandated Reporting
Each year school districts across Minnesota comply with the state mandate which requires student test scores and school improvement plans to be reported to the public.  This report, titled the Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Achievement, is generated each year, reviewed by the Curriculum Advisory Committee, and approved by the Kimball Board of Education.  This report is designed to provide district accountability to residents.

This year the 2013 annual report will be posted on the district website on or before October 15, 2013.  Hard copies of the report will be available in the elementary, high school, and district offices. If you have any questions about this report, please contact Erik Widvey at 320-398-7700 ext. 309.       District


5. Information for Parents of Children with Disabilities
 It is required by state and federal law that all school districts provide special programs and services to all resident school-age children with disabilities. A school-age child with a disability in Minnesota is defined as any person age 0-22 with a disability. Age is determined as of September 1 of the year he/she is seeking special instruction or services.


The Kimball Area Public School District #739 has developed a child-find system which will help locate children with disabilities from birth to 4 years old.


Legislation also mandates that all children with disabilities attending either public or non-public school shall receive special education services appropriate to their individual needs. Non-public school children needing special education shall be the responsibility of the school district in which the student’s parents reside, but services may be provided by the district where  the non-public school is located.

It is the policy of this district that all children enrolled either in public or non-public schools shall receive appropriate instruction and services.


If you live in the Kimball school district and have a child who is disabled or who you suspect has a disability, please contact the district office, the school principals, or the Special Education Director of Benton-Stearns Education District at (320) 252-8427 about special instruction or services for your child.


If your child is attending a non-public school and he/she is disabled or you suspect he/she is disabled, you must refer the child before the public school staff can begin a process to determine if the child is indeed disabled. If the child is found to be disabled, appropriate services will be provided by the district’s special education staff.


A child with a disability is one who has one or more of the following characteristics:

· Autistic
· Deaf or hearing impaired
· Blind or visually impaired
· Speech impaired
· Physically impaired
· Mentally impaired
· Emotionally disturbed
· Behaviorally disordered
· A specific learning disability
· Traumatic brain injury
· Other health impairments


6. Annual Notice of Data Privacy Compliance
 What student information is collected?
By law, the Kimball School District must collect school census information on all students if the parents reside in the Kimball School District. Census information includes: students and parent names, addresses, telephone numbers, schools attended, grades, school transportation assignments and special education program assignments. Other information typically collected for public school students includes district wide testing data, subject marks, attendance, and in some instances, with approval, special tests or evaluation by professional staff.

Financial aid to the school district is based on census and other information sent to the State Department of Education.

Where is student information kept?
While a student is enrolled in the Kimball School District, official records are kept in the student cumulative record folder. This folder holds official student records and other data school officials believe is needed to provide the best instructional services for each student. Census and related administrative information is kept in the district office.

Who may see student records?
Access is limited to the following: 1) Parents or legal guardians who present proper identification; 2) Student 18 and older who present proper identification; 3) Staff members of the Kimball school district such as the principal, teachers, counselors, school social worker, nurses, and other authorized personnel; 4) Other schools upon request, when a student graduates, transfers or withdraws, unless otherwise restricted; 5) Other third parties (employers, social agencies, law enforcement, etc.) may have access to records with written permission of adult students, parents, or legal guardians.

Directory information (name, address, school, birthdates, dates of attendance, awards, extracurricular information) is public information and may be released. A form for restricting this information may be obtained by calling the district office.

How long are records kept?
Most records are destroyed when they no longer are needed by professional personnel to plan the most appropriate instructional programs for students. Many evaluative records are destroyed one year after the student leaves the school. Contents of the cumulative record folder (less the permanent records) are destroyed within five years of the time a student leaves the school system. However, a summary of census information, along with certain graduation reporting and attendance data is converted to a permanent record when a student leaves the school system, as required by law. These permanent files are kept to fill requests for information from former students who need to verify school related information of their own.

What happens to the records when a student leaves the Kimball district?
When a student leaves the school system (graduates, moves away, withdraws), contents of the cumulative record folder are forwarded to other school systems, colleges or vocational institutes at the student’s request, unless the parent signs a form specifically directing the Kimball School District not to release information to other schools. This form may be obtained from the school at the time the student leaves. After the student leaves, the academic records and health form are forwarded to the school district’s central office where these records are preserved.

What are your rights regarding student information?
State and federal laws governing school records allow parents, legal guardians, and students 18 or older to examine and/or obtain copies of their records or those of their children upon proper identification. The law requires release of student information to a non-custodial parent. Exceptional circumstances should be referred to the district office.

You may challenge the accuracy of the record.
You may request the school officials change your records. After consultation, school officials may decide to alter the record. If you disagree, you have the right to a hearing.

Whom should you contact regarding questions on record procedure?
The superintendent is the person authorized by the district to receive concerns about student records, and may be contacted at the district office. Establishing safeguards to protect the rights of privacy may cause some delay in getting information to the source requesting it. However, the school district has an obligation to protect the right to privacy for all individuals.

The Kimball School District seeks your support and cooperation with these procedures. If you have any questions, please contact Superintendent, Jim Wagner at telephone # 320-398-5585 ext. 332 or email at Jim Wagner at


7. Special Education Assessments for Home-Schooled or Private-Schooled Students
In response to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Minnesota must demonstrate that “all children with disabilities, including children with disabilities attending private schools, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and related services, are identified, located and evaluated.” This responsibility extends to children with disabilities who are educated at home or in non-public schools.

Upon request, Kimball Area Public Schools will provide information on specific disabilities to concerned parents. This includes information about the educational or behavioral characteristics of each disability. Parents who believe their child may indeed have a disability may request information on how to arrange for an evaluation through the district’s special education staff.
Parents of students who are evaluated and are found to be eligible for special education services will become part of a team which will develop, implement and monitor the effectiveness of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to meet the identified needs of their children.

If you have any questions or would like to receive information about specific learning disabilities or evaluation, please contact Kimball Elementary School Principal Keri Johnson at 398-5425 or Kimball School Superintendent Jim Wagner at 398-5585. If your child is 3 or younger, contact Benton-Stearns Education District at (320)252-8427.
The Kimball School District is committed to promoting academic success for all students.


8. Food Service Information

Increase Federal Funding to Kimball Area Schools
The Kimball Area Public Schools need your help. Each year the district receives federal funding based on the number of students that qualify for free and reduced meals.

The district is asking each household to complete and return an application for educational benefits, even if a family does not intend to accept the free or reduced meals. By completing the application families have the potential to increase the districts federal funding.


Rotating Menu
The Minnesota Department of Education’s Food & Nutrition Division requires all schools to have rotating menu. The menu is a five week cycle that rotates over and over. They feel this insures the most efficient method of utilizing the commodities given to the schools each month. Common commoditities are: ground beef, turkey roasts, cheeses, fruits & vegetables. The menu features American, Oriental, Mexican and Italian cuisines. Kimball High School has a Student Food Service Advisory Committee who takes part in menu development, special event and holiday menu planning and brings comments and concerns forward at meetings each month. Our school lunch survey shows a very high rating of satisfaction for menu and variety.


Computer Accounting System for Lunch Money
The food service program uses a computer accounting system at both the elementary and high school buildings. This system assigns a student identification number and requires the student to have money in his/her account when a meal is purchased. Students are not allowed to go below a zero balance in their lunch accounts.

Consult the table below to determine the cost of breakfast and lunch. Call the district office at 320-398-5585 if you have questions.