P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 8th, 2016 6:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Barb W, Ann T, Gina G, Carrie L, Andrea W, Whitney H, Teresa L

Secretary Report: The minutes from January were forgotten but can be reviewed by anyone on the Kimball Elementary website.
Treasury Report: The treasury report looked over.  No concerns noted.  Andrea noted that SMART board light bulbs were needed and PIE will cover the cost for those.
Principal Report:  Keri was not at meeting however left a note of apology and information.  Thanked everyone for all the hard work and dedication to the school.  Last night of conferences will be Wednesday.  Spoke with Eric Peterson, Byron, and Dana Narr about replacing fountain.  Eric said fountain is working fine so nothing is planned at this time.  Kindergarten round up was Jan 21st and a huge success.  67 kindergarteners. So currently have 3 sections planned for next year but may have 4 sections.  Had parent meeting regards to moving 6th grade to the high school.  There was overwhelming support.  Final decision on this will be made by the end of February.  LD teacher (Jinhee Bae) left and new LD teacher (Carol Race) was hired.  Para (Judy Minter) resigned and new Para (Deb Robben) hired.
Old Business:
Volunteer for Papa Murphy: Whitney Hunt volunteered to help with this next year pending she stays at Kimball Elementary and in the upper grades.  Barb will send out email to teachers to add this need of a volunteer to their newsletters and maybe someone will come forward.
Book Fair:  A bit hectic in the mornings and only one register sent making it harder to get kids in and out in time for the start of school.  Did get some new volunteers which was super great to see.  Discussed being able to purchase during preview day which the teachers at the meeting felt could be done.  Also discussed having time during the day for kids to come in but that would be hard with teachers’ schedules.  Will continue to open in mornings but maybe not as many mornings.  Discussed if we can do online and live book fair at the same time.  Carrie will look into this.  Next book fair will be the BOGO fair in the spring.
Hydration Station: Was discussed above in the principle report.  Barb will contact Eric Peterson and clarify their decision in not replacing/upgrading to a hydration station.
Used Book Fair:  Sue and Barb are taking care of.  Barb will touch base with Sue and also Kathy to make sure experience room is reserved for this.  Barb will send out sign up genius to find volunteers once it is closer to the event.  It will be March 17th and 18th.  Letters will be sent out in next couple of weeks to collect used books.
New business:
Spring Raffle:  Need to get started on this so next meeting we can cut and staple tickets.  Will ask for baskets in the range of $20-$30.  People can buy and donate or turn in receipts for PIE to reimburse for the basket.  Teresa will ask for family sports pass.  We will have seats available for concerts as well. 
Box Top Treats: discussed best treats due to allergies.  Decided skittles would be given out.
Go Strengths Program: Barb brought information regarding this program.  She will forward information to Keri for her input.
Camp S’more: Whitney Hunt was present to ask PIE to cover costs of treat bags for Camp S’more.  PIE agrees to pay for treats needed for this event (estimated at about $150)
MCA breakfast: discussed how it would be hard to manage breakfast for kids through the lunch program.  So decided that PIE will look into costs of purchasing breakfast items for test days.  It was estimated that there would be 220 kids testing over 4 days, so that would be about 900 meals.  Barb will price granola bars, juice boxes, cheese sticks, and fruit from Sam’s Club and report back next meeting.
Crayola marker project: discussed needing containers and decided that maybe just need one large container.  Teresa will discuss with Keri and get this set up if this is agreeable to Keri to have one area for collection as opposed to each classroom.
Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm