Kimball Cubs Stand Up
Stand Up! @ KES
Anti-Bullying and Character Traits Education

Stand Up Dates for 2017-18

October 10

November 7

December 5

January 9

February 6

March 6

April 3

May 1


All students are asked to wear their Stand Up! shirt or an orange shirt on the scheduled Stand Up! days. Each Stand Up! day will also host a fun fundraiser for $.50 per chance. Funds will be used for character education and anti-bullying special events.


Purpose: In 2014, Safe School legislation was passed in MN which requires all schools to
--Have a policy relating to bullying
  • Must give policy to all school employees
  • Must include policy in student handbooks
  • Must be available to parents/community on school website
--Designate a staff member as the primary contact person in each school who will fairly implement the policy
--Begin to investigate reports of bullying within three days
--Indicate how reports of bullying will be addressed
--Provide information about available resources
--Provide ongoing staff development to address bullying

Staff Development
Newly hired staff will be trained on the bullying policy at their Induction Day in August. All new staff will be given a copy of the Bullying Prohibition Policy No. 514.
Kimball staff will address bullying on a 3-yr cycle on “District Day” at the beginning of the school year. Staff development may include
  • Information about the Safe School legislation
  • Information about bullying report forms
  • Information about how to identify and address bullying
  • Strategies for preventing bullying
  • Resources available regarding bullying
Program Used at Kimball Schools:   Olweus: Bullying Prevention Program © 2007
Survey: It is a goal of the committee to offer a survey to students in gr 3-12. The Olweus Bullying Questionnaire would be administered at the start of the school year and at regular intervals.
Elementary T-shirts:  Each student PreK-Gr6 will be encouraged to purchase a t-shirt. Grant money from Resource Training and Solutions will be used to bring the cost of the t-shirt to approx. $5 ea. The t-shirts will be worn the 2nd Wednesday of the month which will be “Stand Up” day.
Stand Up Day: Classroom meetings will be conducted on Stand Up day each month.  Topics will include playground/cafeteria/bus behavior, cyberbullying, watching video scenarios and discussion of how to handle the situation, role-play activities, etc.

Committee: a committee will meet periodically to discuss the anti-bullying program at Kimball Schools. Teachers, parents and students will be invited to attend.

Bullying Report Form (pdf)

Bullying Prohibition Policy - summarized for students (pdf)

Link to Bullying Prohibition Policy No. 514

Resource List:
Bullying & Cyberbullying Resources & Advice:
Bullying Prevention Resources from National Assn of School Psychologists:
Resources compiled by the MN Dept of Education:
Cyberbullying Tips for Kids:
Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center:
Spookley The Square Pumpkin digital resource kit for Gr K-3:


Contact: Nancy Bonnifield