P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 11th, 2016 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance: Barb W, Ann T, Gina G, Carrie L, Keri J., Moya W

Secretary Report: The minutes from March  reviewed
Treasury Report: The treasury report looked over.  No concerns noted.
Principal Report:  Keri did not have a lot to report.  Currently MCA testing is going on and it is going well.  The teachers are using money from their student funds to get treats/snacks for students for testing as needed.  Spring concert will be May 23rd at 9am.  Discussed that hydration station will be fully funded by health and safety but would like PIE to budget about $300 yearly for filters.  Discussed that it would be nice to have a marquee board/communication sign out front visible from the street to communicate happenings going on at the school.  Keri was wondering if PIE would be interested in helping fund something like that.  She will price this out and get back to the committee.  She will also talk to Joe Brennen and maybe maintenance to continue to move forward on the sign on the fence by highway 55.  Discussed using PIE funds for additional technology and most notably for chrome books for older grades.  She will also price out a set of chrome books as well.
Old Business:
Volunteer for Papa Murphy:  Barb did send out email to teachers to add this need of a volunteer to their newsletters but no response.  Whitney Hunt will help organize this next school year if no parent steps forward.
Book Fair:  Carrie will do a scavenger hunt/game for classrooms during the BOGO book fair.  Once students complete they will get a book for their classroom.  Discussed that scholastic dollars will be used to purchase additional AR store books for next year. 
Hydration Station: Was discussed above in the principle report.
Used Book Fair:  Went well.  Left over books will go to the 4H club to be used as a book fair during library summer reading program kick off.  Total funds received during book fair was $224.11
MCA breakfast: Since testing was stretched out over a number of days (12 I believe) it did not work to provide breakfast as PIE had hoped.  As stated above teachers provided snacks as needed.  Next year we will reimburse teachers for MCA snack purchases.
Spring Raffle:  Barb will pick up skittles for treats for each student that sold 2 books of raffle tickets.  Gina will get gift certificates to the top three sellers ($15, $10, $10).
New business:
Microwaves: Keri was open to the idea of two microwaves to be used in the lunchroom during lunch.  They would be monitored by aides in lunchroom.  The microwaves have to have a utility plug.  Gina will look into purchasing two microwaves.
SPRING RAFFLE: names were drawn for raffle.  Winners will be contacted.
Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm