P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 10th, 2016 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance:  Mrs. Durga, Ms. Welter, Carrie L, Teresa L, Gina G, Ann T., Barb W., Chandra T.
Secretary Report: Minutes from October not completed on this date
Treasury Report: The treasury report was reviewed. 
Principal Report:  Keri was not in attendance.  Did write email that states:
The new playground equipment is up and the students and staff are loving it!  No injuries.
The Hydration Stations were put in just in time for conferences.  We have had lots of compliments.  Grandparents Day was another success.  Thank you to PIE for running the Book Fair!  Thank you for the dinner you provided for the teachers at Conferences.  The staff was so appreciate of the good food during that busy night!  Dec. 19th is the Holiday Concert.  K-3 at the H.S. in the North Gym.  There will be a 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. show on that date.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our School!!  
Old Business:
Project Lead the Way:  After much discussion PIE members felt that the group did not have enough sustainable monies to fund and continue to fund PLTW (the overall costs were more than previously thought).  Felt funds would be better utilized in iPad for the students.  Will discuss this further when principle is present to get input of school/student needs.
Playground equipment:  In place.  Gina is awaiting bill from school.
Sign on fence: Gina and Barb installed sign.  Cost on the financial report.  Extra pieces will be stored in PIE closet in experience room.
Book fair: sold more total value of products/books this year vs. last year sales.  Made $981.65 in cash.  We will continue to NOT be open in mornings since it disrupts class time and it has not proven to be profitable.  Still have $2564.74 in scholastic dollars.  Items recently purchased are items for the library area: stools, rug, and rocking chair.
Fundraising Opportunities: touched briefly on some low involvement fundraiser ideas such as office max (has a school program) and to do read a thon type event during I love to read month.
Parent involvement/PIE future: would like to continue to promote PIE more on the Facebook page.  Did have a new parent in attendance this evening which was great to see.  Discussed writing a newsletter to all families discussing the need for more involvement or the group may dissolve as many of the main contributors will no longer have students in the elementary.  Discussed how PIE is an easy way to be involved in your child’s education and help determine how some funds will directly impact the school/students.
New business:
Reward school car clings: discussed getting again this year since school made reward status.  Barb will contact Keri to find out how many to make.  Laura will contact seller to design and make clings.  Last time they were about $1 a piece.  PIE has agreed to fund these to distribute to elementary school families.
Other: Andrea had inquired about GOZEN program.  It was under the impression of PIE that this program was purchased last spring but it was not.  Barb will discuss with Keri to see if this is something that should be pursued.  Will bring to the next meeting for approval for PIE.
Other: Carrie stated that girl scouts want to do service project to provide a buddy bench on the playground.   A buddy bench is a place for a student to go sit on if they want to have someone to play with.  Students that see someone on the bench are encouraged to invite them to play or to sit with them so they are not lonely.  PIE thought that was a great idea.  The girl scouts would do the entire project and plan to provide explanation of the bench yearly to the students.
Meeting adjourned at about 7:20pm (no meeting in December)