P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 10th , 2016 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance: Michelle Cook, Matt M, Stacy Helgeson, Erin Durga, Andrea Welter and Ann Truenow
Secretary Report: Minutes from September can be reviewed on website
Treasury Report: Treasury was not at meeting on this date.
Principal Report:  Principle was not at meeting on this date.
Old Business:
Goals for the year/PLTW: Discussed Ideas for the budget:
*Fixing the ballfields out back,
*PLTW k-2 this year and then adding 3-5 next year.
Initial costs: $3,200 K-2nd, $5,500 K-3, $9,000 2nd-5th grades,  $12,000 K-5.  Some discussion if PIE can sustain commitment to pay towards this yearly.

*Ipads- Erin was going to talk to Nancy for cost
A-Z reading program: Costs $100  Andreas license ends Oct 27th wants us to fund it.  Affects 100 kids in title
Sign for fence:  Ordered and awaiting for arrival.
Book Fair:  Really need volunteers as Carrie will be on jury duty during the book fair.
New business:
Fundraising Opportunities: Discusses the ARVIG does issue check to school district twice a year.  Around Jan. and July.  The ARVIG rep said that it is given to the business office.  The amount raised would be something that the business office would need to disclose if they so desired.  Office Max has school incentive and information given to Keri to hand out to parents.  Read a thon was not discussed at this time.  Erin started doing Campbells labels- ends next Aug.  Buying iPads with the points.  So far has 54,000 points, enough to buy 2 ipads.
Parent involvement and PIE future:  Suggested we put  fundraising on our Facebook page: Labels, Arvig, Boxtops, Loaves for learning (if we decide to do those).  Facebook seems to be helpful in keeping parents more informed.
Meal for teachers at conferences:  Not discussed at meeting but Keri will be emailed about what day or time meal should be available to teachers.  Sign up genius will be set up for parents to sign up.  
Other:  Discussed if window clings/decals should be made again this year for being a reward school.  PIE group approved to do them again just need to discuss with Keri further on number needed.  Need vision and hearing volunteers for Oct 14th 8:45 to 1:30pm. 
Meeting adjourned at about 7:30pm