P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 13th , 2017 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance:  Erin D, Teresa L, Andrea W, Gina G, Carrie L, Ann T, Marion L
Secretary Report: Minutes presented and briefly discussed.  No concerns
Treasury Report: The treasury report was reviewed.   Paid for playground &AR store items.
Principal Report:  Wasn’t in attendance.  Sent note.  Stated Teresa did a good job at kindergarten.  PIE needs to decide on the amount to give towards Ipads.  
Old Business:
Book Fair:  Sold about $1,000 less than last year.  Possibly due to the changing of the dates and not being open in the mornings.  Parents & teachers commented that kids had money in the morning but it wasn’t open to buy. Suggested making a survey to parents and having a place to check if they would be interested in helping out if we were open in the mornings again. We will be taking cash from the last book fair.  Amy gave a list of new books she'd like for the library totaling $1,352.78  We agreed to buy these books with the scholastic dollars.  Also bought another blue rocker chair for the library. Amy said they charge for each student to take AR tests and that money is coming out of her budget.  She wants to know if we will either cover the cost of AR tests or give her money to buy additional books. 
Used Book sale/Spring raffle:  Barb will send out letters in the next couple of weeks for used book sale and then mid March for spring raffle baskets.  Barb has reserved the experience room for Wednesday March 22nd for used book sale.  Day before reserved for set up and day after reserved for putting away.  Kids can come the morning after to get more books if they want. No volunteers needed to help “run” the used book sale since the teachers will take care of their individual classes. 
Spring Raffle we will do like last year & sell tickets until after Easter.  Plan to pick winners at the PIE meeting following that.  Barb will work on sending out letters and raffles tickets to students/families.  She will also set up sign up genius for getting baskets for raffle.
Reward School car clings:  Laura emailed AK graphics following our last meeting and has not heard back from him yet.  PIE group clarified/confirmed that the clings should have the dates 2015/2016.  They will be made as soon as possible. 
New business:
Kindergarten roundup:  see principle report, Teresa did a good job promoting PIE
Ipads:  Erin priced out Ipads.  16 GB for $400 each including Ipad and case.  5th grade has enough, every other grade would like to add 6 more.  We voted on spending $8,000 towards the purchase of 20 Ipads.  Gina wrote out a check.
AR store:  Barb plans to look through the closet to see where we are at with prizes and then  will send out an email or Facebook post with specific requests from other parents.  Experience room reserved May 23rd to 25th for the AR store.  With the actually store open on the 24th.
School board meeting:  We are on the school board agenda this Wednesday.   Carrie L. will go to meeting to represent PIE. 
Other: Marion suggested having the news paper come take pics when the Ipads come in and get a story put in the paper on what PIE is spending the money on.  Great way to promote PIE.
Erin mentioned when she receives an email from the sign up genius she forwards it to all her parents.  We thought maybe we should add all the teachers and ask them to do the same.  OR have Kathy send a mass email from JMC.  We could do this for not only for sign up genius but also to inform them of PIE meetings or any other thing we need volunteers or help for.
Meeting adjourned at about 7:45pm