P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 13th, 2017 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance:  Michelle C, Barb W, Tim Z, Keri J, Teresa L, Andrea W, Gina G, Ann T, Marion L
Secretary Report: Minutes presented and briefly discussed.  No concerns
Treasury Report: The treasury report was reviewed.   Will pay for car clings and put in “nice bike” part of the budget.  Request that PIE receives a receipt of iPads once they are purchased.
Principal Report:  Discussed that IPads are not ordered yet but will be soon.  Sounds like 20 will be able to be purchased.  Plan to get a picture of new iPads and put in the newspaper to promote PIE.  Amy S. from media center put together a very nice poster thanking PIE for the donations of books and furniture to the area.  This is also on the school website.  Erin Durga completed Campbell soup labels for this year and was able to purchase 2 iPads, $100 towards AR, and some playground items (jump ropes, balls, etc.).  School is gearing up for MCA testing in April.  Still lots of kids and staff sick so want to get everyone healthy and stay healthy.
Old Business:
Book Fair:  AR books purchased and items for library purchased so the current scholastic dollars are almost depleted. 
Used Book sale:  Barb asked where left over books should go following the used book sale.  The group all agreed to donating left over books to 4H and the kick off library event in June.
Spring Raffle:  Next meeting we will staple together the raffle tickets.  Barb will send out sign up genius soon to ask for basket volunteers.  Teresa will contact the AD for athletic passes.
Reward School car clings:  Are completed and delivered to families.  Sounds like everyone at the meeting did receive one.  Gina will send payment to AK graphics
Kindergarten roundup:  Teresa said it seemed to go well.  Parents did not ask many questions.  Parents also seemed surprised about what PIE actually does for the school.  Discussed sending out a letter at open house to remind parents of PIE group.
IPad:  Discussed in principal report
AR store:  Things are going good.  Spent about $400 on items.  Would like donations (or people to pick up and get reimbursed by PIE) of BIG Gatorade or PowerAde bottles and also theater sized candy boxes.  Discussed we could start doing COKE reward points to help purchase coupons for free bottles and other items.  Barb will look into this potential fundraising opportunity.
School board meeting:  Tim responded and said that he very much appreciated a representative from PIE at the school board meeting and we are welcomed and encouraged to come any time.  The next school board meeting is 3/15.  He will update the board members about this PIE meeting.  Please note that school board also acknowledged PIE’s donation of the merry go round will a thank you note.
Other: Discussed being present at Community Expo on April 1st.  Michelle C. thought she could be at this event to promote PIE.  Discussed getting a letter/notification to all families about all the things PIE does for the school and if parents do not step forward PIE will have to resolve as a group next school year.  Discussed the cable in the playground area has been removed.  Discussed better communication most notably the school calendar how it should be current and centralized.  Members of the meeting also had positive input about the website being more up to date and current happenings readily visible.
Meeting adjourned at about 7:30pm