P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 10th, 2017 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance:  Chantelle G, Gina G, Jennifer L, Marion L, Jody W, Erin S, Matt M, Michelle C, Carrie L, Melissa B, Andrea W, Jessie G, Erin D, Amelia B, Ann T, Barb W
Secretary Report: Minutes presented and briefly discussed.  No concerns
Treasury Report: The treasury report was reviewed.   Updated that scholastic dollars has a balance of $281.72.
Principal Report:  Principle was not in attendance but did write a note as follows:  My apologies for being unable to attend tonight’s meeting.  Thank you for coming and your time.  It is testing season.  We are in our second week of testing and things are going well.  The teachers thank PIE for the donation for snacks.  They really appreciate it.  I sent out letters to youngest and only encouraging families to join PIE.  I also asked teachers for names of parents to personally invite to the meeting.  Hope some are in attendance tonight.
Old Business:
Book Fair:  Next book fair is May 3rd to 10th it is BOGO which is very busy fair.  Probably only be open in the morning hours this time.  Hopefully we will get two registers.  Carrie changed contact person to the principle as she will not be running the book fair next year.  So Keri will receive all email correspondences until a new volunteer in available.  Jennifer L. did say she would be interested in running the book fairs and will work closely with Carrie in May to learn how it all goes.
Used Book sale:  All went well with the book sale.  Thanks for Andrea and her class for all their help.  Raised $153.20 and recycled about 800 books.  Left over books were given to 4H for the summer library kick off in June.
Spring Raffle:  All going well with this.  Have 18 items on raffle.  Kimball school donated an adult activity pass and a family pass.  Barb will contact Whitney to ask Papa Murphy rep for a donation of pizza certificate as well.  Someone can still put together a “surprise basket” and Barb needs help filling the cub pride/sports basket.  At end of meeting we will put together tickets. 
AR store:  Everything seems to be going good. Discussed with the new people in attendance what AR store is.
School board meeting:  Next school board meeting is April 19th at 6pm.  JENNIFER has agreed to go to represent PIE at that meeting. 
Plan for next year:  Very encouraging all the new faces at the meeting tonight.  Parents willing to step up and help out.  Thanks all for coming and it appears PIE will continue on with a new group of very dedicated parents.  Discussed how PIE can be catered to what best fits the group’s needs and that all current members will be helpful next year as needed.
New Business:
Invoices and Receipts: Joan Nystrom sent an email explaining how PIE should donate funds to the school.  PIE must donate prior to purchasing the items since PIE is considered an outside organization.  We are to communicate with Jayne if we agree to cover costs of an item and send funds prior to purchase and we can request an invoice after purchase.  PIE discussed developing a form to make this process and communication better in the future.
PIE raffle/winner: Drew a name from the expo raffle and the winner of an apple pie was Brenda Lesnau. 
Other: car clings/decals.  Some families didn’t receive and others did receive but didn’t realize what they were.  Barb will contact principle to see if more decals are left and can be given to families.
Spent last 10-15 minutes putting raffle tickets/letters in envelopes for classrooms.  Andrea had them all cut and stapled so we didn’t need to do that this year.
Meeting adjourned at about 8:00pm