P.I.E. Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 8th, 2017 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance:  Barb Waldorf, Melissa Brown, Teresa Loehrer, Stephanie Kenning, Matt Mesenbrink, Erin Durga, Michelle Cook, Gina Gugginsburg, Sarah Demarers, Marion Larson, Jennifer Ludlow, Ann Truenow, Andrea Welter
We started meeting by drawing raffle ticket winners.  Andrea printed up a spreadsheet so everything went very smoothly.  Kathy will call the basket winners tomorrow.  The top 3 students that sold the most raffle tickets will receive a $10 gift card.  All students that sold at least 2 books of raffle tickets will receive candy.  Barb will get the candy and gift cards.
The second item on the agenda was to elect new officers and assign fundraiser chairpersons.
The following people were chosen with no objections:
  1. President: Marion Larson
  2. Vice President: Teresa Loehrer
  3. Secretary: Erin Durga
The following agreed to be fundraising chairs:
  1. Box tops: Stephanie Kenning
  2. AR store: Marion Larson
  3. Bookfair: Jennifer Ludlow
  4. Teacher Appreciation Meal: Teresa Loehrer
  5. Papa Murphy Pizza: Whitney Hunt
  6. Tool boxes: Teresa Loehrer
Other discussion: Jennifer reported on the school board meeting.  Stated that the school is working on emergency training project that maybe PIE could help be a part of in some way.  Something to think about as the new budget is developed.  Discussed having another meeting before the end of the school year and so next meeting has been decided to be May 22nd at 6:30.
Meeting adjourned at about 7:30pm