Kimball Partners In Education (PIE) Minutes

September 11, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Marion at 6:32 P.M.

In attendance

Beth P., Micah M., Lisa S., Tricia J., Jennifer L., Marion L., Kathy A., Amy S., Melissa B., Michelle C., Teresa L.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes were not present from the previous meeting.


President: Marion Larson; Secretary: Erin Durga; Treasurer: Kathy Alrich

Old Business

Kimball Days – PIE provided a petting zoo for the Kimball Days Kid Zone. This was a wonderful addition to the day. The animals were set at the top of a hill, in the shade. They were visited during the whole event and were cleaned up after well.


Treasury Report was reviewed. Projected income for Box Tops for Education and Papa Murphy’s Pizza have been decreased. Cub sign has been removed from the budget. Erin will check with Ms. Hohulin to see if she has specific needs that PIE could support.

Principal’s Report

Principal was not in attendance.

New Business

· Crayola Markers – Teresa has an account with Crayola for free postage of used markers. Kathy will purchase a garbage can for used markers to put in the entryway of the elementary school. Teachers and families can place any kind of unwanted or dried out markers in the can for recycling. A note will go out to teachers at the beginning of May as a reminder so that students can dispose of markers in the can at the end of the year

· School Tool Box/Supplies – Teresa informed us that we will be switching companies after a cost and product comparison conducted last year. We will save 30% over the previous company and they will present at Kindergarten Round-up. We range anywhere from 25-56 boxes purchased each year.

· 17-18 Initiatives

    • We are still looking for new ideas to help our school.
    • Warm Weather Drive – Marion and Sara D. (not in attendance) will co-chair a sub committee for a warm weather drive. Collection will happen October 23 – November 3. The drive will be open Nov. 3 P.M. and Nov. 4 A.M.

Committee Reports

· Box Tops – Chair: Stephanie Kenning -- All materials have been handed off to the new chairperson Stephanie K.

· AR Store – Chair: Marion Larson – No food items this year. Oriental Trading Company, 5 Below, Target and Dollar Store are a few places to collect items. Set-up will happen on May 17th, the AR store will be open for students on May 18th. *** Make sure books are pulled from each book fair to be used in the AR store.

· Bookfair – Chair: Jennifer Ludlow – Currently using the cash back option instead of scholastic dollars. Dates for the fall book fair will be October 16-18 will grandparents day on the 18th. (Changed after meeting due to experience room conflicts). The experience room will be available starting at noon on Friday Oct. 13th for set-up.

· Teacher Appreciation Meal- Chairs: Teresa Loehrer and Michelle Cook – October 11th - Meal for teachers on the night of conferences

· Papa Murphy’s Pizza- Chair: Whitney Hunt – Check on dates and to see if Whitney needs help on distribution nights.

· Tool Boxes- Chair: Teresa Loehrer – see “New Business”


· We need to transfer the e-mail list and sign-up genius from Barb Waldorf to Marion Larson

· Request form for teachers will be e-mailed out to teachers for PIE to try to fill the need.

· Proposed meeting dates for the rest of the year

September 11

December 11

March 12

October 9

January 8

April 9

November 13

February 12

May 14


Next Meeting

October 9, 2017 @ 6:30 in the Elementary School Library

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:25 and was passed unanimously.